Kreatif Melanggar Aturan

Ungkapan “aturan dibuat untuk dilanggar” bisa menjadi sebuah ungkapan yang tepat untuk menggambarkan korelasi dari keduanya. Kita tahu, kreatifitas bukanlah produk/output, tetapi sebuah proses dalam memproduksi sebuah produk, ide, dll. Kreatifitas yang selalu kita ibaratkan dengan ungkapan out of the box tentu berkaitan dengan “box” itu sendiri yang bisa dimaknai sebagai aturan-aturan, atau kaidah/norma yang berlaku linier di masyarakat. Agar anda out of the box maka tak lain akhirnya cenderung untuk melanggar hal-hal yang sebelumnya dianggap normatif. Dalam dunia periklanan, kaidah out of the box tentu sudah tak asing lagi. Continue reading “Kreatif Melanggar Aturan”

How to Cultivate Practical Wisdom in Our Everyday Lives and Why It Matters in Our Individual and Collective Happiness

The psychology of how we use frames, categories, and storytelling to make sense of the world.

“It’s insulting to imply that only a system of rewards and punishments can keep you a decent human being,” Isaac Asimov told Bill Moyers in their magnificent 1988 conversation on science and religion. And yet ours is a culture that frequently turns to rigid external rules — be they of religion or of legislature or of social conduct — as a substitute for the inner moral compass that a truly “decent human being” uses to steer behavior. So what can we do, as a society and as individual humans aspiring to be good, to cultivate that deeper sense of right and wrong, with all its contextual fuzziness and situational fluidity? That’s precisely what celebrated psychologist Barry Schwartz, author of the influential The Paradox of Choice, and political scientist Kenneth Sharpe explore in Practical Wisdom: The Right Way to Do the Right Thing (public library) — a fascinating and necessary exploration of how to nurture and reclaim the essential moral skill at the heart of character traits like courage, compassion, loyalty, fairness, generosity, and empathy, inspired by the timeless teachings of Aristotle’s philosophy yet grounded in invaluable insights from contemporary psychology.

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